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Every couple deserves the ceremony of their dreams. Let’s craft a wonderful, meaningful ceremony that expresses the most significant aspect of your lives, one that recognizes the profound commitment you are making, as well as the sheer joy of the occasion.

The types of ceremonies I perform include:

Religious Ceremonies
Interfaith Ceremonies
Non-religious Ceremonies
Same-sex Marriages
Vow Renewals

Ceremony Script Writing Only

In this day and age many couples often have a friend or family member officiate.
I can write the ceremony for them to alleviate everyone’s stress level.

Script and Coaching: $375

Marriage Licenses

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Funeral Officiant

I don’t often promote myself as a Life Cycle Celebrant also known as a Funeral Officiant. However this aspect of my business has been growing. All over the world people celebrate through ceremony, with many ceremonies having cultural or religious significance. Ceremonies are filled with ritual. A ceremony allows us to acknowledge a transition or a rite of passage.

I hold a profound belief that everyone’s life deserves to be honored and celebrated. I am truly honored when asked to create a distinct celebration for those who have made an impact on our lives and in the community.

I work hand in hand with clients to create and perform uniquely personalized ceremonies that reflect the beliefs, philosophy of life and personalities of their loved ones. As a Life Cycle Celebrant, I will take the time to understand the honorees’ beliefs and values and design a ceremony that is truly reflective of who that person was and what impact he or she made in the hearts and minds of others as well as in their community.

My Funeral Celebrant Services Include:

• A private meeting with friends, family and other loved ones to uncover the honoree’s personality,their life’s story and the beauty of that individual that made them special.
• I work with the family to create a thoughtful remembrance that is distinct and reflective of the honoree.
• If specific religious ritual is requested, I will work with the family to include that aspect.
• I have also worked with individuals on a hospice program, to discuss how they would like to be remembered.
• Family members have a complete and final say over the ceremony.
• I provide a commemorative copy of the ceremony.